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Around Reno
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

An unexpected show.

So I have to admit that when Remington Walker, a classmate and friend, invited me to come check out his band The Shagwagons at 3rd Street bar I was expecting an open mic atmosphere and an encouraging round of applause at the end.  I will admit to having been completely wrong!

3rd Street is a little bar nestled right in the heart of downtown.  Head west on 3rd Street off of Sierra and you're there within a hundred yards.  Stepping inside I found plenty of seating, a well stocked bar, and cheap drinks.  A couple bucks got me a Sierra Nevada (yes, it is true that they taste even better when you drink them in Nevada) and I grabbed a seat by my buddy as he waited for his turn on their well equipped stage.
 The dance floor was empty, but it wouldn't stay that way for long.

The act that was on when we got there set the mood perfectly.  One man and his guitar, and he had talent!  Great singer songwriter style acoustic music and some impressive vocals got me paying attention to the stage.  Turns out I wasn't done being impressed.

So first things first.  That sign in the background is there to let you know that there is awesome music at this bar at least once a week.  This particular show was more of a one time thing on a Friday night, but I'm told 3rd Street Blues Jam is definitely worth the...oh wait, it's free!

Now, I've got to tell you about The Shagwagons.  Remington Walker is, like I said, a friend from school.  I knew he had been playing guitar awhile, but I didn't know just how impressive these guys were going to be.  This was my first time meeting J.D. Christison, the drummer and backbone of the duo.  From a little blues heavy rock 'n roll of their own to a Jimmy Hendrix cover that everyone seemed to agree did total justice, these guys were good at what they did.  I had one last surprise though, J.D. can sing and drum at the same damn time, no easy task!  Remember when I told you the dance floor wouldn't stay empty?  Well The Shagwagons used their witchcraft (and a little talent) to pull everyone out and get the hips a swayin'. 

The show closed with some hip-hop from Evynn Tyler who kept the bodies movin and the energy high.  If you keep up with shows in the Reno area you may remember his performance with Bazooka Zoo at the Knitting Factory late last month.  The venue may have been smaller, but the talent filled it from wall to wall and the friendly staff of 3rd Street kept the drinks full and the good times rollin.

Needless to say I'll be visiting Third Street bar again soon.  With no cover, cheap drinks, and great music my only question is why haven't you gone yet?  The address is at the bottom, and there's even a little map there if you click on it.  Go ahead, try it out.  You're gonna like it.  Seriously...why are you still reading?  Get down there!

Thanks for reading and rock on, Reno!

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