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Thursday, May 2, 2013

My first Thai at Bangkok Cuisine

So I have to begrudgingly admit to you that it took until 25 years old for me to try Thai food (freeze dried Pud Thai not withstanding...and also not recommended) but I am honestly glad that my first experience with it was in the wonderful atmosphere Bangkok Cuisine in Midtown!

Turn off Virginia Street onto Mount Rose Street (not Mount Rose Highway, that mistake will cost you a half hour minimum) and see the modest building and limited parking on your right, just across the street from Plato's Closet (a great shopping experience I will take you to soon!)  Step inside and you will find that the outside of the building does the inside no justice.  White tablecloths, sparkling dinner glasses, and smiling faces fill the room.  I have been in three times now and never have I experienced a moment's delay in being greeted and offered a table (and yes, they do takeout). 

But this is the story of the first time.  Lillie and I were taken to a table in what I would consider the back room where a few other patrons chatted in friendly tones as they awaited their meals.  Not a single person looked unhappy, everyone was smiling, water was poured as soon as we sat and I spent enough time admiring the scenery that Lillie nudged me to look at my menu, so I did.  It took us both quite a bit of time to decide what we wanted to eat, but in the meantime we had, at the suggestion of our waitress, the spring rolls.  Light, crispy, and delicious and that sweet plum sauce works perfectly with them.

After forgetting our menus long enough to devour our spring rolls we returned to the quest for an entree decision.  I eventually landed on the chicken yellow curry, which I was later informed is sort of the noob special when it comes to Thai food.  Lillie was just a tad more adventurous, opting for the shrimp green curry, which happens to lie right above my chicken yellow on the menu, I assume that is why she chose it. 

The food didn't take long at all, and to be honest it was more than we were expecting.  My entree was made up of large chicken chunks, potatoes, and carrots cooked in yellow curry and coconut milk.  It came with cucumber salad and a piece of Thai flat bread, and I swear the bread is the best part.  Not because anything else in the meal is lacking, but the flaky exterior hiding the doughy interior of that lightly sweet hunk of bread was (this time and the second time I had it) my favorite part of the whole meal.  The flavor with the chicken yellow curry revolves around a touch of sweetness in everything you eat.  The cucumber salad is a perfect cool and light partner for the comfort food feeling of the savory chunks of chicken in the sweet yellow curry sauce.  Everything in front of me was perfectly paired with one another, and a complete polar opposite to the spicy basil flavors of the green curry setting in front of my lovely companion.

When you order the green curry you choose from 7 options for the main filler of the meal.  Chicken, beef, pork and fried tofu will land you at a $9 price tag, and for an extra $3 you can choose from shrimp, squid, and duck.  Lillie has expensive taste, so I wasn't surprised when she chose the shrimp, but still at $12 this meal wasn't breaking the bank, and a happy lover is always worth it.  The taste (we always try each others food) was a spicy kick in the mouth with the bite of strong basil flavors to make sure you didn't get off easy.  The shrimp had a snap to it, and the bell peppers level you back out, and the bamboo shoots add some substance while you just sit their contemplating how you ever thought you enjoyed *insert some heart attack on a bun fast food joint here*. 

The best part...well maybe not the best, but another awesome part, the bill was right around thirty bucks, which means that even with tip our date night budget left room for a movie, and you know how I love cinematic adventures...or at least, you do now.

If you are even thinking about trying Thai food, or you already love it, I strongly suggest that you try Bangkok Cuisine, I can't speak for the Southtown location, but with the experience we had in Midtown I can only imagine you are going to love it.

Before you go, click here to check out their menu, maybe it will save you from repeating the half hour long quest that Lillie and I went through trying to decide.  Maybe not.

Enjoy, Reno!

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