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Around Reno
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Round out your week at Whispering Vine.

Wine lovers love grapes, and the staff at Whispering Vine is no exception!  Not only can you come down and enjoy a glass of one of their over 30 different wines, but if you like it you can buy a bottle right then and there at some of Reno's best prices.

As soon as I walked in the girls made me feel right at home.  I was there to meet a friend and was just sort of lingering at the bar when I was offered a sample of something delicious!  I can honestly say that this is the moment in my life that I started enjoying pinot noir.  I promptly asked for a glass, and the price was good, too!  I coughed up a couple bucks plus tip and sat there enjoying my new favorite wine (I would realize on the drive home that, much to my dismay, I had never gotten the name of it) while I waited for my friend.  By the time she got there I was within a sip of the bottom of my glass, and I just couldn't bare to give it away, so instead I ordered two more glasses and told her that she had to try it.

As we sat, enjoying our wine, we discussed the scenery of their Southtown location.  We were surrounded by wine by the case, by the rack, and by the glass (not to mention the patrons who all seemed to be filled with it as well) and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  If its a nice night I recommend you check out the patio, as Spring heats up its the perfect place to enjoy your favorite glass, or perhaps something completely different, either way I'm sure your going to love your visit to the Whispering Vine in Southtown, Reno.

Click wine to check out their website.

Drink up and enjoy, Reno!

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