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Around Reno
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Sifting through the tattoo shops of Reno... not an easy thing!  Tattoo shops are a dime a dozen in Reno, and more than one will give you that "we are rockstars and you are not worthy" feeling that is often, unfortunately, associated with getting a tattoo.  If paying money to feel like an outcast isn't your thing I strongly suggest you check out Valor Tattoo Parlor on Vesta Street in Midtown!

The building itself speaks volumes to the character of the brilliant artists you will find inside.  My own tattoo artist, Josh Weeks, had recently started working for this shop, and I was meeting him there to have some more work done on an ongoing piece on my side.  Josh is a man of good taste so when he said I was going to like the shop I believed him, but I didn't realize how right he was.
I stepped inside the front door and found a reading room filled with volumes of all manner of literature.  It probably doesn't need to be said that I stopped here to admire but after just a moment I was greeted by a smiling tattoo artist (how refreshing!) and asked if there was something he could help with.  I told him I was meeting with Josh and was immediately pointed in the right direction.  Josh met me a few steps into the joint and gave me the tour.  I was introduced to the owner Dustin Brown, Tom Kareck (the artist that greeted me), Felicity Zoberski, Nikki Costalupes, and Jose Diaz.  Click on their names to check out bios and portfolios on Valor Parlor's website (unless they aren't links, in which case you can click, but I doubt anything will happen).  And in case you find yourself wondering how they keep the joint shining and bright and all the gadgets running at peak performance; give your thanks to Valor Parlor Technician and all around great guy Kyle Moore.

After walking past the first tattoo station (left) I was lead into the back of the shop where I saw framed artwork for sale, happy (despite the pain they were likely in) customers, and friendly artists.  Everything about this shop made me feel not only welcome, but intrigued.  I spent time checking out the art, looking through more shelves of books, and chatting with artists.  After a few minutes it was time to have some work done, I'll spare you the details of me squirming on the table, but suffice to say my ribs are a bit tender, and a whole lot artsier after my visit.

If you are in the market for a great tattoo artist and like the idea of a comfortable, inviting, and inspiring environment then I highly recommend you pay a visit to Dustin and the staff at Valor Tattoo Parlor at 141 Vesta Street, Reno, NV.

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy, Reno!

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