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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From PowerGlove to Playstation 3

Have you ever thought to yourself "Gee, wouldn't it be great if I could buy awesome classic video games without having to wait for an order to arrive from halfway around the world? Also, is it weird how often I talk to myself?" If you have thought the second thing...I can't help you. But if you've thought the first thing (out loud or in your head) then I've got just what you need!
Cap'n Games might not be your retro gaming headquarters, but it really should be. I drive by the place all the time, it's on Pyramid just south of Prater (the address is at the bottom if you just wanna let your phone do all the smart stuff for you), and I always think to myself "Hey self, we should stop in there" but I don't listen very well and by the time I know what I'm talking about I have already driven by it. I know, I'm talking to a therapist, he says we can get me paying attention to myself in no time so don't worry about it!

So on this faithful day, which was a Saturday, I decided specifically to search out and go to Cap'n Games and finally check it out. I will say this, I am glad I did! I walked in the door and the first thing I see is two smiling faces (don't let the one not smiling face fool you, they were smiling faces). More importantly though, to my right was a room full of classic video games! There was N64, Sega, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and...wait for it...a PowerGlove!If you don't remember the PowerGlove then it will probably seem silly to you, but it was basically a controller for the NES that could interpret your hand movements to control the character on screen. I hadn't seen one in person since I was a kid, so I was pretty excited about it.
I spent a little time looking through the games and as I was walking toward the counter to introduce myself and tell them that they were on candid camera (or AroundReno, whatever) I noticed that there was another room...a stalk room? No, it was the rest of the store, and it was easily three times the size I had thought. I went back to take a look and found Playstations 1-3, Xbox, Xbox 360 and all the other newer stuff that I had originally thought the store to be missing. Oh and a station to try stuff with a TV and chairs, so yea, they have that too! From StarWars posters to action figures it seemed like they might actually have it all.

When I was done drooling I went up and introduced myself to the girls and got permission to talk about them yada yada yada *insert some boring stuff here* and took a picture of those smiling nerdy gamer chick faces that we (we as in nerdy gamer guys) always like to find out are actually real! 

Thanks for all you do girls, and as always, thanks for reading.
Enjoy, Reno (oh and you too, Sparks)!

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