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Monday, July 8, 2013

Let Dr. Casey straighten you out.

As you guys know (or are about to know) I like to write about all kinds of small businesses around Reno, but of all the places that I've covered I've been going to Casey Back & Neck Care the longest.  The guy has been doing this a long time (over 25 years!) and that in itself should tell you he knows what he is doing, but if it doesn't then let me tell you a little about what he has done for me.

 In 2009 I found myself in a lot of pain.  I had always had back pain, the first time I had sat out on a good time because of back pain was when I was 15 years old (and the good time was Disneyland), so suffice to say I'm no stranger to it, but this particular year had been bad, really bad.  With no insurance and not much more money my options for help were pretty limited, but I needed to find something.  I started calling every chiropractor in the phone book and asking how much it was to be seen without insurance.

"Two hundred dollars."

"One twenty per visit and an extra hundred for the initial exam."

"One arm and one leg."

The prices were all across the board, but one thing was clear, I couldn't afford it.  I had found a place that charged $65 per visit after an initial exam that would run me a hundred bucks and was resigned to go there for at least a few treatments, I really wouldn't have been able to afford much more.  When I arrived they told me the first appointment would be for an exam only, then a week later they would do start me on 3 adjustments per week.  They didn't care to hear what I had to say, they just wanted me to accept "the doctor's orders".  Well the doctor's orders where far to pricey   I was about give up when I found a listing for Casey Back & Neck Care, run by Dr. Vincent Casey.  I gave him a call and didn't believe what he was telling me...$45 for the initial exam and just $35 after that?!  If I was hearing him right I would be able to go nearly every week!  Of course I was a bit concerned, I mean how could chiropractic care be so cheap?  Was he practicing in an alley?  Still, I had to go and check it out.

Well it wasn't an alleyway, just so you know, in fact it was a pretty nice place, if you are from Reno then you might know the shopping center on the Northwest part of McCarren, there is a Wal-Mart across the street and in the shopping center with Dr. Casey is a Ross, Kohl's, PetSmart and a few other things.  If you don't know, then just check the address at the bottom and MapQuest it.  I walked inside to meet with Dr. Casey and he saw me right away for my initial exam and treatment.  He explained to me about the necessity of proper curvature of the spine, how I had lost a bit of mine, and what I could do to start getting it back.  He straightened me out that day and I was feeling a whole lot better!  He warned me that especially the initial adjustment could make you quite sore, and that ice would be a good idea that evening.  I took his advice and iced every part of my back in succession, and the next morning I was feeling rather stiff, but I wouldn't have called it pain, nothing like what I had been experiencing.  Dr. Casey had suggested I come back in as soon as possible, but hadn't pushed me to make an appointment, in face he just said to drop in when I could, preferably within a few days, and three days later I did.  For awhile after that I was seeing him once a week, and although my need for chiropractic care has lessened after spending some time working with him as well as improving my workout routine with more stretching and a few yoga classes I still drop in once a month to get everything lined up again, it makes me feel great and really helps with this little twinges I get from my subluxations.

Now here's the kicker...I didn't realize it until a year into being a patient of Dr. Casey's, but my chronic heartburn had all but gone away!  I asked him whether this could have anything to do with chiropractic and he told me about the way that improper pressure on the nerves that run through the spine can do all sorts of crazy things to our bodies, and that relieving those issues could certainly have had a positive affect on any number of other conditions.

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Casey, I don't know if I ever would have gotten past my pain long enough to start reaching for new wellness goals if it hadn't been for the jump start he gave me, and the continued care I've received has helped me stay on track and continue managing my pain.  If you are living with pain, or just in the market for a chiropractor I would truly suggest that you speak with Dr. Casey.

As always, thanks for reading and stay healthy, Reno.